Saturday, 28 February 2015

Soulland embraced the sultry sights of the sub-tropics for aw15 with a nature-inspired collection of captivating Caribbean florals. Denim jackets, shirts and jeans went into the wild under a lush and verdant canopy of dense green rainforest leaves as shearling bombers, trousers and long-sleeved tees where laced with beach bohemia tie-dye prints. Winter staples like leather jackets turned tropical with hibiscus print linings while black blazers, neutral chinos and colour-block scarves kept the heat cool with a refreshing autumnal breeze. A standout polo shirt summed up the collection perfectly with an attention-grabbing “Exotic Erotic” motif which was suitably played out against a sizzling jungle sunset. We wanted to pack our suitcase and head to St. Kitts immediately….;-P  
exotic erotic

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Decadent destruction and deconstruction defined the Matthew Miller collection for aw15, as shredded materials, rough patchworks and powerful political slogans ripped up the fashion repertoire. Rebel revolutionary biker jackets and bold bombers were the standout pieces with their moody black and bruise reds colours, as shirts, tee and tunics were embellished with zip tags featuring the word “resistant.” This set the disobedient tone of Miller’s overall approach which focused on reforming basic staples like trousers and t-shirts into pieces that protest; think destroyed and distressed fabrics cut into asymmetric patchworks and gritty granite coloured tees with ravaged frayed tassles. Miller again mastered the art of keeping things wearable and real while making a punchy statement by saying ‘No’ to the status quo! J
destruct deconstruct
matthew miller

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Things were getting hot under the collar at the Hentsch Man presentation for aw15 as a scorching colour palette of spicy red and sub-tropic blue popped up in Soho’s Sex Alley. The suitably titled ‘Peep Show’ collection from Alexia Hentsch offered a retro take on vintage Americana with a humorous twist that was as tongue-in-cheek as the seductive setting. Rodeo cowboy slogans made an exhibition of themselves on colourful sweaters as Wild West unbuttoned lumberjack shirts flashed flesh as Ikat and paisley neckerchiefs framed the steamy picture. Cable knit sweaters added a rustic country Cowboy feel while distressed denims and dirty converse emphasised an irresistible “don’t give a f***” attitude. The printed suits finished things off nicely with a touch of class that refined the otherwise raunchy and carefree atmosphere…;-)
peep show perfection
hentsch man

Friday, 20 February 2015

London Fashion Week is back for 5 days of statement London fashion. We're expecting brilliant colours, bold patterns, sultry silhouettes and plenty of cocktails thrown in for good measure. Follow us on our Instagram and Twitter pages for full coverage of the week's events. Happy Fashion Week! :-) 
london fashion week

Thursday, 19 February 2015

A raucous revolt was in the air at the KTZ show for aw15 as Pejoski masterminded a creative coup d’├ętat. Revolutionary tendencies ran amok as blatantly provocative images of communist notables like Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao dominated the fashion agenda. Arresting bomber jackets were strewn in political propaganda slogans while western influences infiltrated with the presence of English gentleman bowler hats. But the overall outlook faced towards the East with Russian Soviet imagery appearing in multi-coloured Mosaic tile looks as bright as the Soviet Union flag. The mountains of Siberia loomed in snowy camouflage looks as long-length coats and furry capes in Arctic Eskimo prints added an ethnic vibe which was perfectly edgy and evocative…J
rebel revolt

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Tesco value-esque red stripes and orange Sainsbury’s carrier bags made a random appearance in Christopher Shannon’s aw15 show which was humorously littered with shopping bag prints and re-appropriated rubbish. Models were submerged in a wasteland of recycled fabric rags which were sewn into marvellous messy patchworks onto shirts, sweaters and sporty track pants. Slogan strips of Shannon logo fabrics were slapped onto jumpers in an eclectic collage that resembled screwed up pages of an unwanted newspaper as statement patterned jumpers included shopping catalogue cut-outs of diamond rings amongst celebrity body parts from Gossip mags. The issue of recycling came to the fore as creative and quirky artworks artfully formed out of shopping and media refuse. This theme was continued with ravaged fabric strip trousers that looked like they’d been crafted from those stripy carrier bags that you get at the market (some of which had wrapped themselves around model’s heads as if they’d been dumped in a rubbish skip). The crushed Coca-cola can print jumper echoed this trash-can vibe as the super cool carrier bag print knitwear captured shopping's decadent undertones using pseudo-sarcastic politically abrasive messaging; another pop-culture first from the awesome Mr Shannon :-)      
slogan supermarketing
christopher shannon

Thursday, 12 February 2015

There was high drama at the high seas in Christopher Raeburn’s aw15 collection as models sailed into shark infested fashion waters. Sea voyage shipwreck references were everywhere with the inclusion of oil slick patterns on duffles and Mackintosh coats as shark tooth prints appeared on hoodies and trousers. Ocean blue hues washed over the colour palette while bright blue Jaws-like sharks lurked on blood-red and storm cloud grey knitwear. The life-boat orange bomber jackets and water-resistant coats were as attention-grabbing as life jackets and SOS flares, which contrasted starkly against the muted off-duty denims and Sinbad sailor gilets. But the most eye-catching pieces had to be the inflatable puffa jackets in slick patent materials that resembled flotation aids or holiday lilos; a perfect slice of flippant fun amidst a powerful nautical-themed show with an edgy fashion bite...:-)
 shark attack!
christopher raeburn