Sunday, 20 July 2014

The wonderfully sweet Martine Rose went decidedly hardcore and heavyweight for ss15, with a rough and ready revamp of slick hustler street style. In a sharp preview presentation for her forthcoming September collection, a lone model was placed in a provocative pose next to naked Greek statues whilst dressed in a dark and devious leather jacket. The sexual undertones were amplified by the patent shine on the jacket, giving it a seedy pseudo-S&M feel, whilst graphic pictures of gay leather guys in chains and chaps were littered across the floor a la Al Pacino ‘Cruising’ 1980. But the sex then shifted to the gangland gangsters of the Bronx, with massively oversized track pants and flashy patterned sweaters that echoed the grit and fearlessness of the NY downtown streets. This fierce fusion of masculine might and sexual prowess seduced us even more, so bring on September for the full-blown thrills...;-P  
s&m smash up
martine rose

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Shaun Samson turned all ‘boy scout’ on us for spring summer 15, with three summer camp kids slouched around an imaginary camp fire in rustic shirts and shorts with landmark scout-style lanyards around their necks. The pointed collars of the patterned undershirts looked very formal and smart, but with a sense of youthful energy like the typical boy-scout uniform, whilst the slightly oversized tees with colourful paint stripes all over them strengthened the air of playful adventure. The patterned silk scarves were as colourful and busy as a boy-scout’s badge collection, whilst the fur lanyards were perfect for attaching your torch or whistle to when out and about in the wilderness. But failing an outdoor escapade, then your Iphone for sure... The rugged hiker boots and simple travel caps rounded off the forest camping fun fittingly J   
summer camp cool
shaun samson

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A tribal trip to Indo-China was on the cards at Fashion East for next summer with Edward Crutchley’s exotic exploration of Indonesian Ikat prints. Sporty basics like sweaters and track pants were transformed to new tropical heights with jungle tribe mask patterns and colour-crush ethnic batiks. Japan was also referenced with quirky kimonos in cranberry reds and ocean blues, whilst a Bali bohemian traveller vibe was created with groovy New Age headscarves and Thai beach sunset tones. The chunky gold medallion jewellery and bombastic patterned baseball caps fused the Far East ambience with a super-cool East London street-wear feel that brought the collection back home to its roots. It was east London meets the eastern promise for sure...:-)
indo-tribe tripping...
edward crutchley

Saturday, 12 July 2014

A crisp and clean collection of sharp summer casuals awaited us at the crystal-clear Common presentation for ss15, which evoked images of Scandinavian summers in fjord-fresh lakes. Metallic silver bombers and cargo pants looked icy cool like mountain reflections in glacial lakes, while pastel blue two-tone denims got us dreaming of blue skies and simple styles in the Stockholm streets during bright spring months. The smooth-faced models with blonde hair and silver-blue eyes added to the sweet seductiveness of the Scandinavian simplicity, which was enhanced by blinding white separates and sharp-edged silhouettes that typified the overall casual cool ambience. It was a refreshingly revitalising break from the full-throttle fashion scene, like a remote vacation in the Norwegian highlands....:-)
scandinavian summers

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Looks like Kit Neale is catching a party plane to viva La Vegas for his ss15 holidays judging by the fruit machine size graphics and the gaudy Americana signage. Super bright t-shirts, image overload bombers, jazzy jumpers and colour-craze jeans were cast in a dizzying array of rainbow hues that mirrored the neon skyline of the infamous Sin City strip. Cartoon cowboys drinking coca-cola appeared on multi-coloured jumpers like the cheesy adverts seen on American diner menus or Vegas casino signs, whilst Arizona cactus prints were splashed all over dungarees and pastel pink shorts. The US excess theme continued with cool cartoon cowboys holding juicy jumbo hotdogs on the shirts and slacks as the denim jackets cleared the runway for take-off to the next destination with flight safety information in lime green and sunbeam yellow J
arizona americana
kit neale

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The glorious shores of the Great Barrier Reef excited our senses at the Orlebar Brown presentation for ss15, where we submerged ourselves in an underwater dreamland of tropical fish and fluorescent corals. Sun-tan glazed models stood nonchalantly chilled against a multi-coloured backdrop of dazzling coral, which was complemented perfectly by their coral print swim-shorts. A Caribbean calypso mood quickly ensued, with bright angel-fish orange polos and banana yellow chino shorts that would look even more ravishing when accessorised with a thirst-quenching glass of rum-punch on a beach in St. Kitts. That’s next summer’s plans perfected :-)
coral caribbean
orlebar brown

Saturday, 5 July 2014

A party in the US of A beckoned at the Katie Eary ss15 show, which turned out to be a raucous rodeo showdown with typically kaleidoscopic Katie Eary colours. Wild West cowboys in distressed double-denims drew their attention grabbing guns in the form of funky 70s cowboy shirts, which appeared in a multi-coloured myriad of desert sunrise tones and vintage Americana designs. Straight-cut jeans were emblazoned with pink and purple cacti graphics, whilst denim jackets in powder pinks featured luminous peace symbols that gave off a rustic San Francisco ‘summer of love’ sensation. The hippy-trip continued with whirling marble patterns and bohemian scarves, whilst fringed Western jackets and Clint Eastwood ‘Rawhide’ aviators brought home the arresting Arizona ambience. The fun fish-bone prints had us thinking of riverside BBQs on a cowboy ranch as the 70s wallpaper polos conjured the stunning visual flair of famous 1970s Spaghetti Western films! J
cowboy kitsch
katie eary