Saturday, 20 June 2015

Kokontozai went back to the future this LC:M by abandoning the Ancient Greek pottery of ss15 in exchange for bold new fashion frontiers. A futuristic foray of fabrics dominated the space-age ss16 collection which echoed ‘Matrix’ and ‘Fifth Element’ influences with translucent plastics, jet black PVCs and starlight metallic materials. Streamlined silhouettes were blocky and angular like the sharp post-modern lines of a Bauhaus building as primary colour blocks and digi-print patterns made looks cutting-edge, advanced and effortlessly modern. Models stormed out onto a runway that was caged-up in metal, giving the show a gritty ‘cage-fighter’ ambience which was merely compounded by the macho muscle models wearing super short shorts and bicep-busting vests. The masculine mood intensified in the final looks with the motorbike motocross graphics and kaleidoscopic paratrooper capes making a powerful visual impact, just like the modern gladiator styles at the beginning of the show, defined by chunky sandals, leather fight-night gloves and reflective deflective battle gear. Overall, it was a visionary glimpse into a violent future where old fashion rules were being destroyed with defiance in favour of daring and directional new designs…J
future frontiers

Monday, 15 June 2015

London Collections: Men hits the capital again this week for four hectic days of thrilling fashion hedonism. Expect a brilliant array of awe-inspiring styles from some of London’s most lusted-after designers, from McQueen and Burberry to new age names like Bobby Abley. We’ve got the front row coverage all wrapped up on our Instagram page…;-) Don’t go anywhere else!
london collections: men
spring summer

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Is Gucci getting cutting-edge again? The bland Italiana of yesterday has been side-lined for ss16 in exchange for cool cosmopolitanism from the new creative director. Alessandro Michele’s youthful new aesthetic has taken Gucci out of its classic comfort zone with hip geek chic glamour that’s as vivid and vibrant as summer 69 in Woodstock. The overall collection had a seventies super-nerd vibe which perfectly captured those flouncy day-dream days of flower power frivolity. Romantic ruffled dresses were covered in wacky wallpaper florals as mini pleated skirts and oversized glasses made models look like awkward mid-teen college girls who didn’t yet quite realise they were fabulous. Rustic granny knit cardigans, countryside quilted coats  and pristine pussy bow blouses were thrust into sexy territory with sheer fabrics as flashes of lame and psychedelic animal prints got us thinking of seventies disco divas who just came of age.  The men’s looks were similarly striking with a kaleidoscopic colourwheel of nerdy checks, ‘Saturday Night Fever’ suits and blissed out bohemian bombers covered in meadow music festival flowers, which is just what Gucci needed; a bit of mismatched fun that’s as carefree and fearless as today’s fashion’s youth J
seductive super-nerds
gucci resort

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Jeremy Scott went back to the flower power days of 60s hippy hedonism for ss15, with brash bohemian looks that were fuelled with youthful energy. Mesmerising multi-coloured shirts were entangled in overgrown forest flowers as leopard print denims and drug-trip patterned trousers made the mood wild and unruly like a Stonehenge Solstice rave. Cartoon print t-shirts celebrated the art of partying and chilling out by featuring trance-induced characters shouting New Age slogans, while Hawaiian floral leis and Navajo poncho capes evoked glamping at Glastonbury. Lotus flower fur coats and sunshine gold metallics ramped up the air of exoticism even further…J
festival flower power
jeremy scott

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Paradise awaited us in the Roberto Cavalli collection for ss15, which was soaked in sun-drenched florals and desert island colourways. Luxurious leather trousers and crisp cotton slacks appeared in the sub-tropic tones of palm tree green and turquoise lagoon blue, as silk shirts and trousers were awash with verdant rainforest foliage. Hypnotic hibiscus prints mixed with passion-fruit coloured coconut palms in the silk shirt and track pant combos which had a definite seventies vibe that was more ‘Miami Vice’ than the ‘Maldives.’ But this was brought back to a more bohemian level with the addition of low neck vests and hippy trip necklace. Overall, an exotic delight…
roberto cavalli

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Etro’s summer style menu for ss15 was simply irresistible, with a banquet of brilliant food prints and colourful culinary references. A mouth-watering spread of seafood delicacies adorned a fusion of fashion cuisines from tailoring to street-wear as bomber jackets blended with silk shirts, overcoats and track pants for a tempting overall offering. Plates of mussels made up a delicious table-top centrepiece in one look while lobsters and salads were splashed all over kaleidoscopic trousers and party shirts. Statement t-shirts also joined in the feast with feature prints of fish mixed with ‘Eat Etro’ slogans as flashes of bright monotone blue and yellow on striking overcoats made up the perfect dessert…J
summer salad

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Marc Jacobs packed his surfboard and headed to Hawaii for ss15 with his totally chilled out collection of surfer dude staples. Jazzy coral coloured boardshorts and Polynesian mask print trousers were fused with hyper-surreal patterns of blissed out sunsets against a Big Island volcanic backdrop. Windbreakers and sweats were covered in Waikiki wipe-out waves using post-dope psychedelic colourways which could easily be mistaken for Mai Tai cocktail hues, as oversized denim jackets and baggy jeans looked like rainforests with their tropic floral patchworks. Smart suits were given a trippy hippy revamp with kaleidoscopic colours while tribal leopard print capes and boho beaded jewellery made everything seem as dreamy as a dip in the turquoise waters of Maui’s magical coast...J
hawaiian hippy trip
marc by marc jacobs