Saturday, 25 October 2014

Resplendent rainbows, shimmering snakeskins, sexual innuendos and sequin bananas(!?)typified the awesome Ashish show for ss15, with a dash of Kim and Kanye thrown in for good measure. The glittering jewel-encrusted extravaganza amounted to a punchy potent cocktail of street-luxe glamour and glitz made up of frayed jeans, bejewelled track pants, sequin stud sweaters and razzle-dazzle dresses. A myriad of multi-colours were visible in some groovy menswear pieces such as the rainbow-hued sports pants and cherry-berry vests and shorts, while deluxe golds, powder purples and sea-spritz blues made up the sparkling womenswear inventory. The shining stars of the show had to be Kim, Miley Cyrus and Kayne West, who appeared as brazenly as a news headline containing their names, on vivid-tone sweaters and sequin-sprayed jeans. Another provocative piece included a cheeky men’s sweatshirt featuring a giant jar of ‘Rush!’ Poppers on it and a salacious lightning bolt logo, which certainly lit up a few smiles in the room, just like Miley’s twerking and the ‘Fuck Off!’ slogan on the distressed denim jeans. It was a gaudy and gritty blend of celebrity pop-culture prowess which shone just as brightly as a the $$dollar in their wallets....;-P
rainbow rush

Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Toga collection was a picture perfect concoction of creative craftsmanship mixed with awe-inspiring attitude. Feisty feminine models marched down the glorious renaissance runway of the Olde-Worlde St.Pancras Hotel in laid back but lascivious separates that oozed artistic appeal. Sheer ruffled skirts and dresses in casual caramels looked sleek and chic as candy-pink bustiers and hot mini-skirts flashed flesh at every angle. This playfully confident mood was further intensified with a dash of PVC and flash of feminine frills in the skirts and colour-clash tops, which were smoothly structured in elegant shapes like impressive Henri Moore sculptures. The edgy art attack was confidently rounded-off with colour collage cocktail dresses, trippy print trousers and shimmer slick asymmetric dresses that looked as directional and attention-grabbing as a Matisse colour-craze painting. An artful masterpiece in the making...:-)
art world wonders
toga ss15

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Honey-sweet hedonism defined the H by Hakaan Yildirim show at London Fashion Week, with a focus on brilliant bumblebee colours and beautiful beehive shapes. Bright daffodil yellows fused with leafy evergreens and crocus pollen oranges to make up a ravishing ‘secret garden’ repertoire of nature-inspired influences. Bee embroidered knits mixed with beehive lattice skirts and hexagonal bustiers, while structured and sexy dresses in wasp black and yellows looked striking and devious like the prick of a hornet’s tail. We were absolutely buzzing over the honeycomb hexagon coat as the glitter-gold silk tassles on the embellished dresses glistened like pure nectar from a summer sunshine flower. It was perfectly sugar-sweet with a sexy and seductive sting...:-)
honeybee beauties
h by hakaan yildirim

Saturday, 18 October 2014

The amazing Marques Almeida has us totally awe-inspired for ss15 with their calypso cocktail of captivating Caribbean colours. Colour block silk frocks in fresh and airy cuts combined with sheer chiffon tops and coconut wedge sandals to create a breezy cool Californian beach vibe that has us dreaming of relaxation on a balmy sun-kissed beached. Sixties colour-pop sunnies and glitter-embellished bags reminded us of summer glitz and glamour at the ravishing Rio Carnival, while models waltzed languidly down the runway with their salty sea-spritzed curls. The rich cacophony of rainbow tones reminded us of an exotic fruit salad or a rainforest of tropical plants as frangipani yellows and palm tree greens fused smoothly with watermelon pinks and zesty oranges. Final splashes of coral reef blues summed up the sumptuous summer vibe perfectly like a Blue Curacao sunset cocktail on a deserted dessert island beach...J.
tropic exotic
marques almeida

Thursday, 16 October 2014

It was a mellow meringue mood from Helen Lawrence at Fashion East, with her pastel perfect ensemble of dreamy creamy hues. Deconstructed pieces were layered together like delicious slabs of icing on sweet French fancies, whilst her signature visible stitching formed a DIY edge that felt creative and experimental like a Michelin starred menu from a trend-setting master chef. Indeed, the mismatched swirling panels and the whipped curvaceous silhouettes on the tops and skirts looked like whirls of fresh cream on top of an award-winning and directional dessert. The super sweet ambience was additionally enhanced through her expert choice of colour, from peachy pinks to delectable Key Lime greens...:-)  
cream dream
helen lawrence

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Gritty grunge ghetto was the name of the game in Louise Alsop’s looks for Fashion East, which echoed 90s rebel grime with her fierce slogans and crop top, halter-neck preferences. Street wear dissent and non-conformity ruled with graffiti scribble skirts, skull slogan crops and baggy Rock band badge halter dresses, while rebellion reigned with provocative sheers, sexy slashes and her warning sign colours of neon yellow and potent black. The dreaded long hair, heavy black make-up and pseudo scruffy trainers of the statement models added to the laid-back, ‘don’t give a fuck’ vibe and made us feel like we were listening to ‘Nirvana’ in a mosh pit a la 1992 with our drugged-up friends. Retro escapism is always a good thing we think....;-P
graffiti grunge
louise alsop

Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Fashion East show at London Fashion Week grabbed our attention with gaudy glitz and bewitching glamour by playing with gypsy silhouettes and plenty of boho pattern clashing. Ed Marler’s visual spectacle was simply an explosion of over-the-top costumery that captivated our senses with a flurry of Mystic-Meg magic, from entrancing leopard print skirts and gold medallion men’s jeans to fanciful floral gypsy-witch capes and sumptuous crystal-ball satins. The baroque leaf insignia on the breast-plate tops and the slashed leopard print pants gave a cryptic mishmashed ambience to the proceedings, whilst the golden crowns, boho headscarves and golden crosses gave a ritualistic fervour to the outfits. Supernatural snake-print jackets enhanced a sense of wild exotica, whilst the Geri Halliwell Brit-flag jeans, provocative menswear pieces and an Alt-Pop remix of a Danni Minogue 90s classic lifted the enchantment with a decadent does of humour. It certainly left a ravishing impression which will no doubt leave us spellbound for the seasons to come..;-D
gypsy deluxe
ed marler for fashion east