Sunday, 24 August 2014

Acid-trip lobsters and loud-mouth leopards grabbed our un-adulterated attention at the psychedelic Sankuanz show, presented by GQ China at LCM. Hypnotic colours dominated the scene, with scorching flame print and lava-lamp swirl shorts being just one of the many kooky creations on display at this runway-ready dance rave of a show. Models stormed down the catwalk with flashing neon lights in their mouths like magical monsters in a wild mushroom drug trip, whilst their outfits continued the theme with ‘Acid Club’ slogans scrawled across baggy couldn’t-care-less tees. The show was a kaleidoscopic cocktail of multi-coloured animal prints, sporty cuts and comic-strip graphics on a totally trippy but tantalizing scale, which screamed ‘FUN’ and fantasy from every sweaty pore. We just couldn’t get enough of it, and woke up the next day with a mean fashion hang-over, which is definitely a good sign, don’t you think.......?! ;-P
acid ecstatic

Thursday, 21 August 2014

It seemed like kids were playing preppy disco dress-up at Xander Zhou’s sporadic ss15 show, which threw together a random but refreshing plethora of styles with substance. His signature smart oversized looks remained, with swamping blazers and parachute trousers that reminded us of a child raiding their dad’s adult wardrobe, with super-size results. This sense of flippant fun continued with feverish disco references in the form of glitzy glitter-ball jackets, and circular sticker-book badges on some of the coats. The smeared red lipstick over the faces of the models, and the ruffled hair with ill fitting headbands was a visual testament to this carefree fancy-dress up feel! We also loved the swirling 70s wallpaper prints on the sleeveless tunics, and the cartoon scribbled tops that strengthened the wacky childsplay vibe J
disco dress-up...!
xander zhou

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Maharishi embarked on a mystical and mesmerising expedition across mid-Asia in its ss15 show, which fused Mesopotamian culture with bewitching bohemian trends. Enchanting ethnic prints from Afghan tribes mixed with Vietnamese military fabrics and magic-carpet Middle Eastern headscarves for an eclectic visual insight into the essence of the hippie trail. Loose flowing shirts and oversized tees were replete with ornate prints that looked like ancient mosque mosaics, whilst oasis green parkas and Bedouin desert masks evoked images of tribal adventure, Lawrence of Arabia style. The globe map sweater accentuated the exploratory tone as models sauntered down the runway against an Indiana Jones tour map with their straggly uncut Bear Grylls beards, looking as laid-back as a New Age traveller. Practical desert boots, wild tattoos and spicy hot colours completed the escapist vibe with a finishing touch of travel euphoria...:-)
maharishi mystique...

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Our favourite colour-loving connoisseur of fluoro-feisty fashion failed to disappoint us again with a super-strong spectacle of slick slogan flashing. Christopher Shannon embraced 90s nostalgia once more with logo-loaded prints that shocked and awed us like gritty ghetto graffiti-dens in the bustling Bronx badlands. Evocative pop-art patterns of peace-symbols and Roman statues blended wonderfully like Warhol’s Monroe marvel, in a cocktail-quenching mix of blackberry purples and glace cherry reds. The colour collage continued with patch-work perfect sweaters in random rainbow hues, whilst art-canvas shapes on shorts and shirts revealed blank canvases underneath with sheer peek-a-boo panels. Candy-stripe polo sweats in sugar-coated tones added a sporty dimension to the street-luxe staples, whilst iridescent rave-ready sunnies and retro Chun-li ‘Street-fighter’ hairdos entrenched the 90s vibe with a humorous blast from the not too distant past. Check out our exclusive backstage pics in the garish GIF below for further in-depth analysis...;-P
slick slogans

Friday, 15 August 2014

Matthew Miller’s melancholic show for ss15 was an ominous ode to the destruction of war, which revealed itself in de-constructed blazers and ravaged pin-stripe pieces. His over-arching fashion message was typically political, with anti-war slogans attached to the shoulders, elbows and pockets of t-shirts and coats, like the hard-wearing protection pads on military uniforms. Biker jackets and denims were included for easy wearability, but looks were overwhelmingly dishevelled in a directional way, with rough patchworks spliced together like the rags from old soldier outfits. May-day memorial florals were eloquently twinned into necklaces and bracelets for a dash of vivid colour amongst the stark blue and white, which further enforced the message that War is bad, while political dressing is de rigueur...! ;-0  
directional destruction
matthew miller

Thursday, 14 August 2014

70s Soul-boys swished around in their psychedelic prints and punchy summer tones at the hedonistic Hunter Gather presentation during LCM. Loud yellows, gleaming reds and turquoise blues burst onto the scene as the clean-shaven models waltzed down the runway in their party-ready costumes. High-waisted chinos with crisp, smart pleats were paired with catchy party shirts in swirling geometrics and hippy flower-power florals that stunned our senses like a multi-coloured Matisse masterpiece. Vintage-vivacious jelly sandals and jazzy 70s dance-floor diva patterns on bright shirts and jumpers got us straight into a summer-loving mood which had us ready for beach parties in renowned retro resorts....:-)
soulful 70s...
hunter gather

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Rio Carnival erupted on the runway as Oliver Spencer’s calypso-clad models strutted their stuff down the LCM catwalk. Vivid carnival hues filled the room, with pawpaw orange plaids, coconut browns and palm tree greens dominating the kaleidoscopic colour spectrum. Exotic florals engulfed blazers and baggy pants, whilst Ipanema beach blue shirts and Copacabana sunset pink tees gave a perfect nod to the sultry Brazilian summer ahead, with World Cup fever in full swing. Fiesta fever reach melting point at the end of the show as colourful, scantily-clad bikini girls in feathery headdresses and bags of glitter led the models down the catwalk to smooth and sexy Samba beats. It was a full-on colour craze that lifted the Oliver Spencer brand to wild new heights, with a topical touch of Amazonian summer adventure...:-D  
rio ravished
oliver spencer