Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Parrots has decided to take a spring break from London life for a week or so by jetting off to Barcelona, our favourite guilty getaway. We will probably spend most of our time consuming copious amounts of tapas and sangria, whilst spending the rest of our days lolling on the beach. We did this before a while back, whilst wearing lots of Givenchy and Paul Smith at famously picturesque Gaudi joints like the Casa Mila and Park Guell. This time around, we are packing some splendid Stella Jean items, as we love her sense of holiday fun with a tantalisingly tropical twist. Until our next post, have fun in the spring sun, bathe in coconut-scented sun screen and wear lots of print and colour...;-P
tropic trip...
stella jean

Sunday, 13 April 2014

It was definitely time for a party at the Meadham Kirchhoff aw14 show, as they launched their new collection and first ever Perfume scent in a spectacularly sparkling form. Super-girl models marched down the glitter-strewn runway in manic disco outfits that defied convention in every way. Think mix and match 70s wallpaper prints, power-puff Barbie dresses, baco-foil Bauhaus jackets, ironic table-cloth skirts and shirts, naval nautical blazers and massive block-rocking heels. The kaleidoscope colours got us dizzy and ditzy like one too many glasses of Bollinger champagne, whilst the embroidered love-heart details, pearls and pansy florals had us wanting to play dress-up on drugs at a summer solstice sundown shindig. It was wild and wondrous for all the right reasons..:-)
disco decadence
meadham kirchhoff

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Paul Smith woman knows how to blend the masculine and the feminine in absolute harmony, with boyish tailoring on the one hand, and bright, breezy prints on the other. This woman was out in full force at the aw14 Paul Smith show, which presented a pleasing mix of power paisleys and floral fantasy prints on mannish silhouettes. Lazy and leisurely pyjama-style lounge-pants and drooping dressing-gown coats in luscious leafy patterns were paired with statement tailored blazers and boxy jackets for a robust and revitalising edge. We loved the luxurious addition of dreamy faux furs in severe scarlet red, and the potent print clash of stripes and florals, which gave the collection a defiant dash of attitude. The reference to William Morris tapestry patterns was stark and arresting, with fluid colours of azure blue, Clementine orange and peachy pinks mingling like the glorious flavours of an exotic cocktail J
tempting tapestries
paul smith

Monday, 7 April 2014

Bora Aksu took us on a romantic trip to the Turkish countryside with his aw14 collection, to a pleasant land filled with simple pleasures and delectable bohemian charm. Milk-maid models looked majestic and noble in their dainty flowing gowns of patchwork prints, whilst the crochet dresses and skirts looked soft and sensuous like their perfectly pig-tailed hair. Puffed-up sleeves and feminine frilly hems gave a gypsy gem twist to the nostalgic pieces, which whisked us away to the Little House on the Prairy. The delicious colour palette of sweet rose pinks, creamy whites, cranberry reds and buttermilk yellows got us thinking of cupcakes and cream teas in a rustic rural setting. It was a total Turkish delight..:-)
gypsy girl gems
bora aksu

Friday, 4 April 2014

Barbie’s prom-night met a Paris shopping spree, which was quickly followed by a round of baseball...This was Ashish at his most frilly, fun and fanciful, with a sugar-coated cocktail of glitzy girl glamour. Massive meringue dresses in creamy pinks and palma violet purples collided with glitter-strewn denims in flower-power sequins. Sportswear went super-luxe with a glowing slogan sports tee in attention-grabbing precious gold, whilst a bulky baseball bomber twinkled in the spotlights in tinsel-town bronze and blue. We were bowled over by the rainbow hued t-shirt and the ‘Vogue’ logo jeans, whilst the oversized sequin ‘Paris’ jumper got us thinking of gleaming showlights at the magical Moulin Rouge. It was a thrilling fantasy of sporty saccharin sweetness that had us craving for more...:-D       
glitter glam girls...

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Renaissance masters ruled the Jean Pierre Braganza runway for aw14, with dark and decadent prints of baroque Italian paintings. Flowing long dresses, boxy coats, textured tunic tops and fluid shapes were cast in oily shades of petrol blue and shimmering silver, while monochrome knits oozed artistic appeal with swirling paint-stroke patterns. Dresses and shirts featured full-frontal faces of wealthy noble-men in colourful regalia, smiling sinfully in luxurious lace and ivory make-up in their Medieval wigs. The statement prints were seductive and sublime, like the mesmerising smile of the Mona Lisa, whilst long-leather gloves, patent jackets and flashing midrifts ramped up the tease factor...;-)
renaissance rock n roll!
jean pierre braganza

Saturday, 29 March 2014

A mind-bending myriad of galactic glitter and Matrix military silhouettes awaited us at the Fyodor Golan show for aw14. Asymmetric wrinkled dresses and sculptural skirts shone brightly in futuristic and dazzling colours, from aurora borealis green to shooting star gold and asteroid blue. A futuristic techno club-kid vibe mixed with spaceage sportswear, as seen in the glitter baseball caps and mirror milk-bottle sunnies, whilst menswear trackpants and trainers in sugar-candy pink stood out above the heady hedonistic mix. The candy pink champagne and thumping house music added to the punked-up party feel :-)
matrix mash-up
fyodor golan