Saturday, 13 December 2014

Are you ready for an outer body experience? Do you want to get lost in an entrancing electro wilderness. Play high-jinx with hibiscus flowers in a jaw-dropping Jungle? Then no worries, because so do we, and Basement Jaxx have the nectar that you need. They hit the space-age o2 on Thursday night for an epic transcendental trip to outer space. Or so it seemed, as they donned the stage in their tripped-out tribal outfits with an eclectic crew of hippy-trip synth players, power pink ballerinas, sparkling belly-dancers and Indian maharajas banging on Bollywood drums. It was the gig of the century from this iconic Brit electro duo, and we were there to take in the creative chaos from the front of the colour-clashing stage. Lead singers Vula Malinga and Sharlene Hector stole the style stakes with their dazzling ‘Mother Nature’ wardrobes featuring glitzy cloud-like shapes and raucous rainbow colours that were as riotous as the thumping soundtracks vibrating through the crowd. Enchanting angels in heavenly white started the show with an invigorating version of “Power to the People,” which energised the room with an uplifting aura, before trailblazing trance tunes took hold of the crowd as MC Slarta chanted “Jump and Shout” in tribal tie-dyes and neon ‘Out of Africa’ face-paint. We were then transported to the Amazon rainforest with the punchy pop-infused cuts and hooks of “Back to the Wild” from the super sweet Korean dream-team of Emma Lee and Baby Chay, who bopped on stage in bewildering tropical prints and exotic orchid headbands(!) Zany freak-out fashion continued when an entourage of drag-queens and gorilla dancers took over the stage to the dizzying beats of "Where's your head at?" whilst majestic ballerinas pirouetted elegantly to a soulful acoustic rendition of “Rendezvous.” The mayhem reached feverpitch in the mind-altering encore, when the stage went pitch black as neon dancers cavorted on stage in strobe-light suits to the sounds of “Red Alert,” followed by a giant robot who pulled atmospheric moves to the slick sounds of “Raindrops.” The entire creative collective wowed the audience in the final moments as everyone took to the stage, from the Witch dressed bass playing to the Taj Mahal Bollywood “Romeo” dancers for a fired-up rendition of “Bingo Bango,” which left people partying like they were at the Rio Carnival. It was absolute bliss, from start to finish, where nature and music fused into frenzied musical fantasy...:-0
back to the wild...
basement jaxx!!!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

It was a ‘Knights of the Round Table’ affair at Dolce and Gabanna for aw14 as valiant models marched down the catwalk in a masculine mix of Medieval might. There was a real sense of decadent Castle couture with the fine fur collar coats featuring regal portraits of Knights Templar warriors, while illustrious Norman Kings took to the throne in the daring oversized knitwear pieces. A folksy Bavarian twist appeared in the Black Forest Gateaux coloured coats and trousers, while a Gothic edge took hold in the suiting arrangements that depicted magnificent motifs of ancient churches and awe-inspiring Middle-Age Cathedrals. The rosehip red trousers were a favourite of ours with their ‘Game of Thrones’ armour clad cavalier images making a gutsy and gallant impression, while each of the models ruled the runway in their glittering gold crowns. It was a definite sartorial victory of fairytale proportions, which took us to a world were Castles and Kings rule....:-)  
noble knights
dolce and gabanna

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Jeremy Scott boarded the Ghost Train for aw14 with his multi-coloured monsters(!) They were clearly on some kind of acid trip judging by their deranged and deluded faces, with tongues wagging and eye-balls popping like they’d just seen some kind of spectral ghost. However, their frenzied faces did make a pleasingly eye-catching appearance on the super soft knitwear pieces which came in a myriad of ravishing rainbow tones in typical Jeremy Scott make-a-statement style. The college kids were also enjoying a day out at the funfair in their Varsity Baseball sweats featuring sporty slogan numbers, while the high-school hippies tagged along for the trip in their psychedelic colour-swirl jeans and mind-bending kaleidoscope sweaters. The brilliant number collage on the gaudy leggings and long-sleeve tee added to the juvenile high-jinx with a quirky reference to college maths lessons. But the PVC trousers and patent hi-tops had other ideas which were more about rebellion and rock gigs than calculator play. Overall, it was a monstrous mess that just made sense...:-)
monster madness...
jeremy scott

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Lumberjack luxe met midnight mystery in the wild Kenzo woodlands for aw14, where models worked hard in the timber mills to craft autumn’s most atmospheric forest fantasy looks. Beanie clad wood-cutter boys looked ready for a rustic day’s work in their rugged cable knit jumpers and alpine mountain print fleeces, while the worker girls followed suit by sporting their mechanical chain saw cog coats and hacksaw zigzag jackets in verdant maple and oak leaf tones. Super bright colour blocking gave the cable knits a barrage of energy that would perfectly suit an active ramble through the trees, while the chunky sole shoes were suitably pragmatic for the earthy outdoor conditions. The mesmerising men’s mac coat summed up the mystifying Mother Nature mood with a pastel purple and night-time blue pattern featuring wilderness woodlands bathed in magical moonshine. It was almost like a winter’s fairytale from a faraway land...:-)
timberyard trend-setters

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Juun J defined downtown decadence for aw14 with his gritty Graffiti-grunge designs in powerful proportions. Ultra-wide oversizing lit up the runway in gaudy graphics that looked like the striking strobe lighting from Times Square neon signs, while the big collars and broad shoulders in the patent colour-pop coats oozed an electrifying 80s vibe that was as elaborate and as energy-fuelled as 1985 electro music video. Or a muscled-up street fighter character in a Nintendo arcade game. We couldn’t quite decide...But we simply loved the dizzying colours anyway, especially when combined with the street-savvy leather pants and biker-brawler gloves. The mean streets of Ney York have never looked so deviously daring...;-P
times square trippin'
juun j

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

London’s achingly cool Brick Lane played host to a private menswear shopping shindig a few weeks back, in the eternally atmospheric Old Truman Brewery. Parrotsandpeacocks received a complimentary invitation to the "Off the Rails" event with a cooling Jose Cuervo margarita thrown in for good measure, courtesy of the modern menswear style bible Shortlist magazine. As we entered the action-packed fashion shopping-spree arena, we were instantly impressed by stand-out range of brands on offer, as well as the super strong throng of dapper-dandies shopping for their slick new designer pieces. An edgy electro-pumping DJ supplied a sweet urban soundtrack as we browsed some amazing labels such as Linda Farrow and Markus Lupfer. We were taken aback by the strikingly psychedelic runway sunnies from Dries Van Noten and Matthew Williamson at the Linda Farrow stand, while Markus Lupfer metallic and glitter sweatshirts dazzled us in Baseball Americana logo-overload designs. The US theme continued at the Pendleton clothing booth, which fused British autumnal must-haves like field jackets, duffles and woollens with eclectic Aztec and Navajo patterns in tripped-out tribal colours. The Jonathan Saunders pieces on display were similarly eye-catching in entrancing polka dots and dizzying Argyll patterns, while the friendly peeps at the Murdock grooming salon polished up the overall looks with their expert beard-trimming services and gentlemanly hospitality. If you missed it, you definitely missed out...;-0  
wild style at "off the rails"

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Issey Miyake explored natural phenomena with his atmospheric aw14 show that depicted a range of geological and climatic wonders. An eruption of colour came from a sporty pleated jacket and flame-frazzled leggings that were laced in fiery volcanic orange prints, while Arctic quilted jackets dazzled in transcendental tones that echoed the astonishing sparkle of Aurora Borealis. Rainbow hued blazers and tops appeared in a chameleonic kaleidoscope of lava-lamp patterns that came in Toucan bill limes, luscious pinks and citrusy yellows, while crisp tailored jackets and shorts looked captivatingly cosmological in crisp light blues that echoed the twinkle of twilight stars. Add to this the electrifying flashes of lightning bolt line patterns and flashes of white, and you had a perfect storm of power-punch colours that captured the heart and soul of Mother Nature herself...:-)
electro volcano
issey miyake